One of my wife’s little pleasures is dragging me out of bed at silly o’clock on a Sunday morning so that I can accompany her on a tour of all the local car boot sales or mobile yard sales for my American readers, the upshot of this is I often end up buying photography or cycling related paraphernalia that had never previously been under consideration,it seems that I, like her, can’t resist a bargain where one is to be had, particularly if it pertains to one of my interests.
It just so happens that one of our frequent Sunday haunts has a regular supply of film slides which are generally priced at £1 per box  irrespective of the amount of slides contained, slides the vendor obtains during his day job providing house clearance services.

Last Sunday at the back of his stall he had around 20 plastic Leica boxes, each of which was labelled with the place the enclosed slides were taken and all of which were national parks or places of particular natural beauty in the UK.
Not having my glasses with me -fool that I am- I was unable to do a quick check through the contents so bought very much unseen, and only having £3 left in my pocket after earlier purchases was unable to buy them all so I grabbed the first three that came to hand.

This is where the mystery comes in.

The first, and so far only, box I have been through is labelled Scotland and not surprisingly contains some very well composed images of the magnificent scenery to be found in the country intersperced with a few portraits of what I assume are the photographers companions, all suitably attired in hiking clothes, the style of which leads me to believe that the photographs were taken some time in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.
The surprise however was finding the three images shown above, completely different to anything else in the box though still encased in the same grey Ferrania slide holders, the odds therefore being they are contemporaneous with the rest of the case .

And this is where you the reader comes in in helping me to date them, I know it’s a long shot but is anyone out there able to identify the exact model of car, the formula shown, the race track or even better, both?
If I can get this information I may be able to identify the race meeting which would in turn allow me to date the collection with somewhat more accuracy than my current sartorial based guess.

I will be returning to the stall tomorrow in the hope of finding more such gems, if I do I will add them to the gallery above.